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Foam strips
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foam strips

Cut foam strips with adhesive on one side.

PE or PU-foam applied with mounting tape with a liner.

As sealant, filling or support for constructions where there are no specific demands to the surface wear resistance.

Please note that 3 and 4 mm also are available with a PUR film. Low price compared to our sealing programme.

PE-foam: Non-absorbent, UV-resistant, moderatly flexible at low compression, sound and vibration damping and insulating.

PU-foam: Absorbent, dustproof, airtight, non UV-resistant, sound and vibration damping and insulating.

Thicknesses: From 0.5 to 10 mm
Widths: Dependent on thickness, min. 4 mm
Roll length: On demand

With our up-to-date production facilities we are able to manufacture a wide variety of solutions.

  • Rolls, cut or stamped sheets
  • Self-adhesive strips supplied sliced or on large spools
  • Stamped or water jet cut gaskets
  • Label stamped items

Please note that the adhesive only functions as a mounting tape.

For further information contact our customer service.

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